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Fortis 9m Battle Rope

Fortis 9m Battle Rope


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New, ex display in very good condition. May contain minor marks/scratches as pictured. Imperfect packaging.

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FortisFor everyone from the experienced crossfitter to the at-home beginner, this highly durable battle rope can help you to achieve great results for functional strength, endurance and cardio.

The Fortis 9m Battle Rope is a great way to introduce low impact, high intensity exercise into your routine.

Hailed by personal trainers as one of the most versatile and effective pieces of at-home equipment, battle ropes offer a full body workout that can be tailored to your fitness level and the areas that you’d most like to tone.

High intensity, low impact
The Fortis 9m Battle Rope lets you build muscle without the strain that heavy weights can put upon your body. Your cardio fitness will also see huge benefits, and this type of exercise is a great alternative to running which has high impact on the knees and ankles. Overall, you’ll be getting the same great results with less strain on the body and less risk of injury.

Serious results in functional strength and conditioning
Battle rope exercises work lesser-used muscles as well as your main focus areas. Whichever movement you choose to do, your shoulders are working, your core is stabilised, your legs are engaged and much more.

You’ll see improvement in your grip, ankle, hip, foot and knee strength and mobility, as well as your targeted muscle group. This in turn will improve your performance in other workouts and your overall functional strength.

Tailor the workout to suit your goals

  1. Wave – With feet firmly planted and knees slightly bent, grasp one end of the rope in each hand and move up and down rapidly to create waves. Targets the core, biceps and triceps.
  2. Slam – Lift both ends of the rope above your head and then slam the rope onto the ground as hard as you can. Targets shoulders, arms, back, and core, in particular abs.
  3. Flys – Squat low and whip each end of the rope in tandem, in a motion as if your were flapping like a bird. Target the legs, upper back, lower back and shoulders.
  • High quality, professional grade nylon conditioning rope
  • Get a high intensity workout in less time
  • Burn fat fast
  • Burn up to 10 calories per minute!*
  • Reap serious results with low impact on the body
  • Use alone, or add to your circuit or boot camp routine
  • Especially effective at toning upper body and core
  • 7kg weight
  • 3.8cm in diameter
  • Challenge yourself and have some fun!
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Length: 9m
  • Weight: 7kg

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